Sunday, 25 January 2015

January Bootcamp

Hello! It's been a while!!
I've been busy producing another baby girl - who is just so cute (not biased at all here)
And I've enrolled in another "make art that sells bootcamp" by Lilla Rogers, as I enjoyed it so much last year.
So January has been pretty packed between trying to draw and giving birth.
Here's my submission for this month's assignment, based on Edwardian Brooches. I didn't have much time or energy, as expected, and my computer with all my design programs has finally given up, so the presentation is pretty poor (Paint is not as design friendly as Photoshop!) But all in all I'm happy I actually finished a design, as I tend to start things off and never quite get them done!

Can't wait for next month's assignment, and hoping I'll have more energy to experiment with the subject a bit more!