Sunday, 18 October 2015


Lilla Rogers set up some mini challenges to warm us up ready for the course, so here's some photos of what I did.

Finished #30daysofbackgrounds

Just a quick post to say I've finished the 30 days project. Can't wait to develop each further.
Here's a small preview of all 30 backgrounds.

Friday, 9 October 2015

My personal project #30daysofbackgrounds

Following the footsteps of many illustrators, I've decided to find a project I could work on for 30 days.
I liked the idea of something small enough to do for less than 30 minutes a day (having young kids, I'm starting to learn how much energy I really have, as opposed to how much I'd like to have) but focused enough so I don't get stuck with a blank page. As it happens, I didn't manage consecutive days at first, but in the last week have caught up, and I can see myself finishing the last 10 days without being daunted by the whole project.

I know my backgrounds and scenes are one of my weaker points when illustrating, so I thought that making that the focus for my project would help improve it. As they say, deliberate practice is the way to improve.

So here's a few of the spreads I created so far. My aim after the 30 days is to then revisit each one of these and work on all the separate elements.

Thanks to doing this I can also see that working for short amounts of time still produces results, and leads to improvements. Once I start working on the different elements, I expect to be able to divide up the work into a series of small steps, like the example of the chairs. I'm also getting better at time management, as soon as the baby is napping, I'm drawing (instead of housework... I'm not quite sure what took me so long to prioritise drawing over housework as I enjoy drawing and not so much housework :-) )

In other news, I've enrolled on MATS A by Lilla Rogers, a 5 week intensive course which starts soon, so you can expect more regular blogging!